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Skills of the Program

1. Skilled award-winning instructors with 50 years of public education teaching experience collectively.

2. Practical hands-on experience in a variety of diverse, secondary classrooms and non-classroom settings

3. State-of-the-art equipment in lab courses.

4. Multi-disciplinary perspectives are taught by notable professors in their fields, providing valuable content for subject mastery.

Empowering Individuals, Strengthening Families, Assessing Careers, and Building Communitites

This interdisciplinary education program prepares graduates for a secondary teacher license in Family and Consumer Sciences. Academic preparation includes study in the areas of early childhood development, marriage and family relationships, parenting education, housing and interiors, clothing and textiles, nutrition and wellness, food preparation, and human relationships.

With the development of a knowledge base in these critical areas, graduates will be prepared to provide valuable content to secondary education students as they confront life's challenges. These students can become a resource to their own families empowering them to become healthy community contributors.

The BYU FACS program interfaces with the McKay School of Education and includes classes in diversity, classroom management, lesson planning and technology. A list of core is given under the Major link.